Reconstructing the Record Treasury

On the centenary of the Four Courts blaze, Beyond 2022 will unveil Ireland’s Virtual Record Treasury, a fully immersive 3D virtual reality model of the digitally reconstructed Public Record Office.

This 3D model will be built from original architectural plans and early twentieth-century photographic evidence. The model captures the scale and dimensions of the spectacular 6-storey Victorian archive with its iconic arcade of 30-ft tall windows, its expansive glazed ceiling and intricate ornamental

Encompassing both the Record House and the Record Treasury itself, the model will be used a tool for engagement and research. They will be able to enter a 3D virtual reality reconstruction of the destroyed building and order up a historical document in the beautiful Victorian Reading Room.

Users will also be able to move through the covered walkway that connected the Reading Room to the destroyed Record Treasury, which was separated from the Record House by a fire break. Upon entering
the Record Treasury, they will be able to browse the virtual shelves and link to substitute or salved records held by archives and libraries around the world.

This functionality will be built in phases. Phase one involves the initial creation of the digital model according to archival records. This work is set to be completed in 2018.