Beyond 2022 is bringing Ireland’s Public Record Office back to life by creating a 3D virtual reality reconstruction of the destroyed Record Treasury building and refilling its shelves with fully-searchable surviving documents and copies of the lost records.  These galleries showcase the visual evidence from which the Virtual Record Treasury is being created, as well as the wealth of manuscript substitute sources held by Beyond 2022’s archival partners.

Below you can browse the Public Record Office of Ireland gallery or watch archive footage of the fateful fire in 1922. To view other galleries, click on the  following links: 

- National Archives (Dublin)

- The National Archives (UK)

- The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Public Record Office of Ireland: A Visual Story from Design to Disaster

This gallery showcases the visual evidence from which Ireland's Virtual Record Treasury is being created. It includes original site-maps and architectural drawings from the 1860s, rare photographs of the Public Record Office of Ireland as a living institution, and images of the infamous 1922 fire and its aftermath. 

British Film Institute Archive: The Topical Budget 

Rare archive newsreel footage shows the burning of The Four Courts in 1922. From 02:03 - 02: 15, white smoke can be seen billowing from the Public Record Office.

Footage courtesy of the British Film Institute Archive.