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You are about to enter the Record Treasury, where you will see a cross-section of the galleries that held the records before 1922.

We have returned 10 treasures from the Record Treasury to their locations. We hope you enjoy the experience.

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On 30 June 1922 the Public Record Office of Ireland in Dublin was destroyed by a cataclysmic fire during the opening engagement of the Irish Civil War. The five-storey Record Treasury containing the stories of the state, and of the ordinary people stretching back seven centuries, went up in flames.

Using copies and transcripts made before 1922, and held in archives around the globe, Beyond 2022 is creating the Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland. Designed for users of all level of experience, the VRTI will be launched as a free online resource on 30 June 2022, the centenary of the terrible fire.

In this WEB 3D model preview of the Record Treasury you will see a sample cross-section of the galleries that held the records before 1922.

There are 10 active bays that are highlighted in Green. These include maps, Medieval Receipt Rolls from the 13th Century, Yeomanry Returns from 1798, and treasures from the Christ Church Deeds among others documents and manuscripts of interest. Click on these highlighted cells to learn more about what was contained in the individual bays of the PROI and then explore the actual documents that have been reconstructed.

We hope you enjoy the experience.