People Place and Power: The Grand Jury System in Ireland

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Grand Jury was ‘most important local body in rural Ireland’. Its records are a unique source for Irish local history, social change and genealogy.  Read more about the Grand Jury System in our new booklet produced in association with the Local Government Archivists and Records Managers:

Grand Jury Sources Interim Listing: Dr Brian Gurrin, Beyond 2022 Research Fellow, has compiled an interim listing of all Grand Jury sources, organized by province and county. The interim listing is available to download here. The full listing will be published later in 2021/2. We welcome feedback on this ongoing survey of Grand Jury sources.

Local Archives Videos

Discover more about these fascinating Grand Jury records in videos by Local Archivists from Counties Donegal, Offaly and Wicklow:




Grand Jury Maps

Explore a selection of stunning Grand Jury maps from all four corners of Ireland courtesy of the L. Brown Collection:

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