Beyond 2022 featured on The History Show

Beyond 2022 featured on The History Show, Project aims at virtually recreating the Public Record Office on its centenary 2022.

Dublin, March 18, 2018.

Two historians from Trinity College Dublin, Peter Crooks and Ciarán Wallace, spoke to Myles on The History Show, RTÉ about the ambitious project Beyond 2022. As the name suggests, the project aims to digitally recreate what was destroyed during the 1922 blaze and make it available for the public on the centenary of the event.

Speaking to Myles, Peter said “In terms of how you find the substitutes, well that takes a lot of historical and archival work and therefore the collaboration of the project is so important. We have formal archival collaboration partnerships with our own National archives in Dublin. The National Archives of UK, The Public Record Office, Belfast and the Irish Manuscripts Commission. The four of those institutions coming back together with this common ambition is really exciting and really symbolic as we move to the end of the decade of the centenaries”

Referring back to the events of June 30, 1922, and the readiness of the project by 2022, Ciarán remarked “There is a lot of work to be done before 2022, at the moment, we are in the ‘proof of concept’ phase, we are already amazed by the amount of stuff that is there. So we are realizing that with the volume of material in London, and even in other archives in Dublin and California scattered around the world, the amount of replacement volumes that can be tied back into the virtual archives, they can be put back into our virtual shelves in a sense. But, by the end of this year we should be able to illustrate to the public what was in there and good solid examples of what can be achieved through the project.”

Seven centuries of Irish records – of interest equally to historians, archivists and genealogists – were considered to be lost. This project breathes life into what was seemingly gone forever and gives hope for new areas of research, in both history and digital humanities.
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